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Inkfinity Tattoo Studio

Inkfinity Tattoo Studio is a highly rated professional tattoo studio in Staffordshire. Ashley got in touch as his website was looking old, and wasn't providing him with leads. PIECE OF PIXEL created him a brand new website with a modern look which got users engaging with the site again, leading to more clients.

Web Design & CMS Development

We worked with Inkfinity Tattoo Studio to produce a modern, clean website leveraging the power of a headless CMS to allow them to update content on their website when needed. The final result was a fast performing website, which produced it's first organic lead within 1 week.

  • CMS implementation providing Inkfinity the functionality to update their image gallery with new work and edit current content.
  • Custom from development, allowing users to upload reference images to the consultation form, cutting down on the time between enquiry and getting in the chair for their tattoo.
  • SEO improved through keyword research, and site optimisation which resulted in a spot in the top 5 results on google for chosen keywords.
  • Fast performance, Inkfinity's website scored green for all metrics on Google PageSpeed Insights, having a positive effect on SEO.
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Proof is in the pudding

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